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2020 Surf Art Calendar - Story Behind the Image - Emilie Rogondino


The Surf Art Calendar is a collection of images from friends and family that I’ve chosen to share with my friends and family. The goal is to bring awareness to the creative people in my life and give them recognition for their talents. To expand on this, each month I will share the story behind the image that was chosen for that month and my connection to the artist.

December Vivid Warm Sunset Emilie Rogondino

DECEMBER: Driving home from Emilie’s school in West LA (Mar Vista) to my place in Manhattan Beach, we take the route South down Culver Blvd that brings us through Playa Del Rey and turns us on to Vista Del Mar, the road which runs along the ocean in front of LAX. We’re able to stay on this street driving alongside the Pacific for about 15 minutes until we get to our place. I often wonder what she’s thinking about in the back seat with all of our modern day distractions, but on this day as we raced along the coast, she was able to lift her head up long enough to appreciate the sunset and snap this picture. She’s always enjoyed taking pictures, but in this instant I think she captured the perfect sunset, so I wanted to share it with you all. Hope you enjoy!


Emilie Rogondino is a 9 year old girl who loves to play soccer for her club team Santa Monica United, hang out with friends, and spend time at the beach. She’s in the 4th Grade at Richland Avenue Elementary participating in their French Immersion program. She also enjoys travel, making Tik-Tok videos and taking photos of her daily adventures.


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