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2020 Surf Art Calendar - Beth Bowen

2020 Surf Art Calendar


“Pacific Summer”

By: Beth Bowen

I hope this finds you safe at home, surrounded by family and most importantly healthy. Stay strong everyone and we’ll get through this together.


Beth Bowen’s abstract paintings are ephemerally organic and meditative, yet active with gestural expression. Using water-based acrylic paints as her preferred medium, she is able to manipulate its fluidity and allow each painting to take shape with rich colors ranging from navy blue to turquoise and gold to emulate water and earth, like in this abstract painting of an aerial beach scene.


I was introduced to Beth Bowen through her social media profile, where we’ve connected online, but have never had the chance to meet in person. Through our conversations, I discovered that she was an incredible artist who’s also gone through a divorce, lives in Palos Verdes, and is blazing a new path for her life. I have the utmost respect for how she’s taken her art to new heights, even showcasing one of her pieces in Paris at the Modern Art Masters in Complex de Louvre.


Beth was born and raised in Fresno, California. Beth fell in love with painting at a young age. She remembers watching her grandmother paint gorgeous landscapes with oils. Beth moved to Southern California as soon as she graduated where she dove straight into various acting and modeling, opportunities in television, film, commercials, and print campaigns. Best known as a cast member on Bravo TV's "There Goes the Motherhood," now divorced, Beth is a single parent to four awesome kids. She enjoys living an active, fit lifestyle, as well as spending time with friends, family, and of course, painting.

www.bethbowenart.com / IG @bethbowenart