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2020 Surf Art Calendar - Scott Yamano

2020 Surf Art Calendar


“Palm Tree Glow”

By: Scott Yamano


I have always enjoyed taking photographs of nature and trees in particular. Growing up in Southern California there is definitely no shortage of palm trees to photograph. There are a few very iconic areas that come to mind; Santa Monica’s Main St., Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills, and Chavez Ravine’s Dodger Stadium to name a few. Sometimes it is nice to have a subject in the background or foreground, whether it’s a baseball stadium or just a pedestrian street.

This particular picture was taken in Newport Beach at Peninsula Park. This park is lined with palmed trees on all sides and if you’ve ever been to this park before you know that the sunsets here are usually quite spectacular. I’ve only been here a few times to shoot the sunset and each time I try to pic a different subject; the pier, people on the beach, surfers, cars in the parking lot, etc. My favorite is still the palm trees. On this particular evening there was a small window of time just as the sun was setting on the horizon when the bright orange sky turned a vibrant purple color.


I was initially introduced to Scott 18 years ago through my good friend Brian Cohen, who I worked with in the Music Department at the William Morris Agency. Scott is a bundle of energy, always asking “what’s next” and taking on life in the most interesting ways. The guy is a legend, only to be exemplified by his passion for surfing and snowboarding. He’s a connector and overall great guy. We’ve been fortunate enough to go on a few surf trips together, with the most recent trip to Tavaura where he was charging as usual. Very grateful that he’s shared his image with us and his eye for photography. Make sure to give him a follow: IG @ scottyamanophotography


Scott was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. As a teenager he was introduced to videography when he was given a Sharp Viewcam camcorder for Christmas one year. From that day on his camera went with him wherever he went in order to document his adventures in life.

After graduating college, Scott worked on several movies as an office production assistant and later as an assistant editor. He got his first on set movie experience in 2007 when he was hired as a set videographer to shoot the behind the scenes. Since then he has worked on over 30 film projects that has taken him to ten different countries.

After working as a set videographer for over a decade he recently made the transition to a film unit photographer. When he isn’t busy working, you can find Scott at the beach surfing or in the mountains snowboarding.


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