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2021 Surf Art Calendar - Melissa Misner

2021 Surf Art Calendar - April

“Hermosa Beach Ironman” & “Manhattan Beach Pier”

By: Melissa Misner


FROM THE ARTIST: The Hermosa Beach Ironman (Cover image) is one the most popular events of the year. I was really looking forward to capturing the excitement and energy of the day. The best shots come from those moments that you can't repeat. The crowds of participants paddling out into the water, the hundreds of colorful surfboards sprawled artfully across the beach. I knew this day would make for really fun and artsy drone shots.

When you think of Manhattan Beach, you think of the iconic red roof on the Manhattan Beach Pier. Drone photography allows you to see things from a new interesting perspective and I was excited to get some fun shots of this MB staple. My drone allowed me to have that stunning red roof as the focal point of this shot. When looking at this photo you can almost imagine what it is like to be a Pelican looking down onto Downtown Manhattan Beach!


I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa through her twin sister Tiffanie, who works with my good friend Cameron Aldrich at Chicago Title. The minute I met both of them, you could feel the energy they bring to any interaction, project, work, play you name it… it’s 100%! After we connected on Instagram, I discovered Melissa’s page “just a girl and her drone” and was amazed at the beautiful shots she was able to capture with her drone camera, especially her eye for different lighting and angles not typically seen before. Our meeting happened to be perfect timing, as I was just finishing the selections for the 2021 Calendar and she scored the cover with her shot of the Hermosa Beach Ironman. The Ironman is an iconic local event that takes place at 11AM on the 4th of July, where instead of pure physical strength, contestants run a mile, paddle a surfboard a mile and then have to chugg 6 beers to be crowned the winner. Eventually turning into a beach party with live music and a kickoff to the holiday celebration. Of course, the picture of the MB Pier is equally as magnificent. Please follow her at IG:justagirlandherdrone


Melissa’s passion as a Realtor starts outside the workplace, to always create and achieve goals, to keep raising the bar, and to pursue her best potential. Whether it’s health, fitness, relationships, personal growth, or work, she is always in a self motivated mindset to grow and achieve. You will quickly learn that she always does the right thing in a given situation and genuinely cares about the needs of others.

In her free time, Melissa is an adrenaline junkie. She is an avid skydiver, rock climber, scuba diver and triathlete. She also loves spending time with her shetland sheepdog, Given.


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