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2021 Surf Art Calendar - Tony Rogondino

2021 Surf Art Calendar


“Highway to Heaven”

By: Tony Rogondino


­What inspired me about this image was the clouds, how the sun reflected off of the water, and how quiet the beaches were on what appeared to be a typical day in Manhattan Beach. The reality is that this photo was taken in early June of 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic. There was no evidence of any concern in the moment, with blue sky above and kids playing in the water oblivious to the events taking place at the time.


I chose to include this image for March of 2021, because the year of 2020 was no doubt a strange one, full of many cultural and historically significant moments that are easily forgotten. As we embark on the anniversary of the beginning of the pandemic and we enter a new normal, I will cherish the time I was able to spend with the people in my neighborhood engaging in conversation and connecting in ways that weren’t possible in years prior because we were attending to our busy lives. The world had slowed down, every moment counted and these pictures are a way to remember it.


While I wouldn’t consider myself an artist, I do like to take pictures of my journey and tell stories about them. I consider myself a Luxury Real Estate agent, father, surfer and dedicated professional who hopes you enjoy my monthly letter about the art and artists who contribute to the Surf Art Calendar.

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