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2020 Surf Art Calendar - Olive Moore

2020 Surf Art Calendar


“Blue Wave”

By: Olive Moore


This is one of my favorite stories to tell with regards to the Surf Art Calendar, because it illustrates the power of giving, appreciation and gratitude. Things that I feel are important to share in the current times.

It all started with my trip to the island of Tavarua, FIJI in September of 2019, where on the way to the island, I sat next to Josh Moore and his 12-year-old daughter Olive, who’s image is featured this month. We were in the van that was taking us to the boat launch from the airport, where I struck up a conversation with them and we figured out that we had mutual friends at Nike where Josh works. Immediately when we arrive on the island, Josh and I grab our boards and took the first boat to Cloudbreak, where the swell was on the rise and we caught some amazing waves together.

Two days later, there is a small group of guests surfing playful waves on soft-top longboards directly in front of the Kula Bar on the island at sunset, with myself, Josh and Olive all out together. After catching a wave, I start to paddle back out to the peak where I see Olive is struggling to get into a wave, paddling her hardest... so as she passes by me, I drop my body into the water and give the tail of her board a little push so she gets into the wave easier, similar to what I have done with my own daughter Emilie for years. It was something that could have gone horribly wrong… this wasn’t my daughter, I didn’t know if she wanted my help, I couldn’t have imagined her wiping out and never wanting to surf again, all because I pushed her into this wave.

Well, she made the wave and I watched her ride it all the way to the beach. Her mom was on the sand waiting there for her with open arms and a big smile and I didn’t think twice about it. I went on and caught a bunch more waves, came in to have a beer with my crew and played some corn hole on the beach watching the sun go down.

View from the Kula Bar

That night at dinner sitting at the table with the crew reminiscing over waves caught and corn hole games lost, I realize there was someone standing over my shoulder. I look back and it is Olive (with Josh), holding a picture that she had painted for me as a thank you for pushing her into that wave. What I didn’t realize was that by going on that wave, she overcame a fear that she’d had all trip up until that point and that little extra effort gave her the confidence to keep surfing. She was hooked and wanted to show her appreciation by giving me this gift.

I see the look on all of my friends faces at my table and they’re smiling in curiosity as to why she was giving me this picture. I don’t think I saw actual tears in their eyes, but the feeling of appreciation and respect was overwhelming as I told them the story of how I pushed her into the wave.

This is what I’m all about. Helping people without regard for self. It is rare that you actually receive a material item such as a picture for your help, but this image is a reminder of how you can change lives by being of service. The picture is now framed and hung over my daughter’s bed as a reminder of gratitude.


I am sure many of you who receive this newsletter each month are asking why I do it and what the Surf Art Calendar is all about.

My reasons for the calendar are simple. I want to give back to the local artist community, bring joy to friends and family and share images that make me happy.

How this relates to Real Estate is that I believe that a home is really made up of four white walls until you add your art to it. The personal touch makes it a home, where there’s usually a story behind each image you display in your home. Where you bought it…. who gave it to you…what it means to your family can all come through in the images we choose to surround ourselves with.

My reasons for the letter are to bring meaning and context for each image so that it’s just not just another sunset or picture on the wall, but allows me to share something that has value to me and after reading the story about how it came to be and who created it, will hopefully have value to you as the recipient.

Now I’m not naïve to think that this calendar is hanging on all of your walls, but for those that do have it up, I truly appreciate your support and hope it brings you joy.


Olive Moore is a 12-Year-old girl who lives in Portland, Oregon and enjoys painting and surfing.



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