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2020 Surf Art Calendar - Tony Rogondino

2020 Surf Art Calendar


“Avalon Summer”

By: Tony Rogondino


Heading into Avalon harbor towards the Catalina Casino, I snapped this picture on my iPhone to send to my dad to let him know I was back in Catalina. The image has many layers to it, ranging from this recent trip with my college friends Justin Kerr and Ryan Osborne and their families, to the family trips we took to Catalina as a kid and being able to share the magic of the island with my daughter. The image ties together the Fourth of July, my respect for the American flag and the spirit of being young and free. When this picture was taken, we were returning from an unsuccessful fishing mission to the backside of the island aboard Justin’s boat, where we set out to fish for tuna.


Every Summer from ages 10 to 15 years old, my family would to sail to Catalina Island from San Diego on our family’s sail boat, a Cheoy Lee 48’ named Zeitakuna (meaning luxurious in Japanese) and stay at Whites Cove with two of my dad’s best friends, Ted Fuller and Ted Geissler and their families. The trip would be taken in two parts. First, we’d sail from San Diego to the Balboa Yacht Club in Newport beach where the Ted’s kept their boats. Then we’d sail from Newport Beach to Whites Cove with the other families. These were adventures I’ll never forget. We used to do night dives with Ted Geissler, camp on the beach, jump off the mast of the ship from the 25’ spreader, fish for sea bass, hike the trails adjacent to our site and chase wild boar out of our camp in the middle of the night. While learning life lessons of friendship and how to be a proficient waterman.

So, a couple of years ago when the Osborne’s said they were going over in July, I jumped at the chance to give Emilie the opportunity to experience it. We’ve been to Avalon for two summers now and Emilie has loved the freedom of roaming the town with her friends, night swims, hitting up the arcade, eating ice cream, handline fishing off of the pier and taking golf cart rides around the island. It is amazing how close Catalina is to the mainland, yet how quickly you forget you’re in Southern California once you’re on the island. Being able to spend this time with my good friends and families, is something I truly value and I’m happy to share with my daughter.


While I wouldn’t consider myself an artist, I do like to take pictures of my journey and tell stories about them. I consider myself a Luxury Real Estate agent, father, surfer and dedicated professional who hopes you enjoy my monthly letter about the art and artists who contribute to the Surf Art Calendar.

Check out all things Real Estate at www.tonyrogondino.com


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