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2020 Surf Art Calendar - Mark Levy

2020 Surf Art Calendar


“Derek High-Line Cojo”

By: Mark Levy


From the Artist: For many years running, my brother Derek and few other close friends and family have been blessed to camp at a remote stretch of pristine Central California coast. The natural beauty of the land and adjacent sea is accentuated by the quality of light which dynamically changes throughout the day. This image of Derek flying down the line strives to capture the special light on a blinding fall afternoon. It also attempts to capture the pure, simple joy of being a surfer - of gliding across cool, clear water with the warm sun on your face.

My fondest memories are of sharing special moments with people that matter - and the bulk of those involve being in or near the ocean. Those shared “remember when” moments serve to keep us close and connected. They are moments we never forget. This painting of Derek represents one of those special moments.


For me, growing up in a local surf town such as Sunset Cliffs and now living in Manhattan Beach, I have found that surfers are tribal, stick to a local spot and tend to spend a lot of time with the same people in the water developing friendship’s that extend beyond the act of surfing. Mark is a 32nd Street Manhattan Beach Local, which has recently become my local break, and he is one of the better surfers in the line-up on any given day. He is often the first in the water and the last one out, eternally stoked to be surfing and surrounds himself with his family and friends in and out of the ocean. I’ve had some epic sessions with Mark, grateful that he’s shared his amazing artwork with all of us and encourage you to check out his social media channels where he posts new paintings regularly that are accompanied by heartfelt stories behind the inspiration for his work.


Mark Levy is a Southern California painter who has lived his life in and around the Pacific Ocean. Mark has been influenced by many great artists and styles, his driving inspiration remains the incandescent beauty of our natural world - especially as it pertains to water. He is fascinated by the ever-changing moods of the ocean and how light plays with the sea surface to dazzle our senses. Mark’s work is a humble attempt to capture the beauty of those special moments so others may relive the feeling.


Email: marklevyartist@gmail.com

Online Gallery: marklevyartist.com

Instagram: @markrileylevy


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