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2020 Surf Art Calendar - Juan Elejalde

2020 Surf Art Calendar


“Kind of Blue”

By: Juan Elejalde


From the Artist: The roots of this photo start in my youth. Born in land locked Medellin, Colombia I still have vivid memories of body surfing with my sister on our first vacation to the Caribbean ocean. The taste, smell and feeling of the ocean was forever engraved into my soul. It was an even bigger thrill when my parents decided to relocate our family to California. My only question was, “Does California have an ocean?” My family settled down in the suburbs of Lakewood, California.

I purchased my first surfboard when I was about 12 years old, a giant purple rail single fin Infinity. I cradled that beast under my arm and rode my bike on the San Gabriel riverbed approximately eleven miles each way to Seal Beach where the wave was perfect for young kooks like me.

Surfing has taken me on many journeys and adventures but most important evoking everlasting loving friendships with people from all over the world, even weirdos from Point Loma and the Valley. This picture was taken during such an occasion in Fiji last year, 2019. After catching many laugh’s, cold beers and zero fish with the iconic Eddy on Tavarua Island, I took what I thought was just another picture with my cell phone. I guess it turned out just fine. No filter, no editing, just another great adventure in the books. Bula Vinaka.


Juan is married to my cousin Kristina, who is the daughter of my mom’s sister Denise.

He is responsible for encouraging me to move to Manhattan Beach…

He’s my brother from another mother and I’m happy to call him family.

He has a big heart, always with a smile, and can often be seen skipping his way to the beach stoked for the next surf session.


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