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2020 Surf Art Calendar - John Post

2020 Surf Art Calendar


“MB Pier Crashing Wave”

By: John Post


From the artist: I shot this Man vs Nature photograph on the Winter Solstice morning of December 21, 2005, the surfers called it ‘Big Wednesday’. It was just passed high tide and the waves were breaking between 12 and 15 feet. The ocean that morning was producing some of the biggest surf since the storm of 1988, but no surfers were out since the beaches were closed due to the dangerous conditions, everyone could only watch. I went down by the waters edge for the angle I needed and set about to capture the Manhattan Beach Pier being barraged by the raw strength of the ocean waves.


When I first conceived of the Surf Art Calendar, I immediately knew I wanted to include iconic Manhattan Beach photographers such as John Post. As I was putting the first one together in 2018, I went to his shop to pitch him on the idea and fortunately he agreed. Unfortunately, because of a computer crash he wasn’t able to participate the first year, but said he would be in for the next year. True to his word, he’s shared this beautiful image that has been seen on t-shirts, in galleries and proudly displayed in many homes throughout the area. I am truly honored for his contribution and encourage everyone to buy his new book that pays tribute to the Manhattan Beach Pier.


John Post became a photographer in 1974 to share with others some of the amazing things he has experienced, whether traveling the roads of India or on the beaches of the South Bay his images have provided a window on the world that few get to see. John made his first photo of the Manhattan Beach Pier in 1969 shortly after his return from Vietnam. At that time he was learning the ways of image-making and taking photo classes at El Camino College but little did he know at the time how much his future photographic career was going to be associated with the Manhattan Beach Pier. It wasn’t until 1976, returning from his first world journey as a full time photographer that he started in earnest to document the beauty of the South Bay beaches, piers and lifeguard Towers, showing the environment in a new way, as art, something that at the time no one else was doing. Since then with his landmark images he has inspired many and established himself as a photographic Icon of South Bay image making. John has sold thousands of prints during his career and they are distributed worldwide in offices and homes and have also been used in advertising and stock photography, one never knows where they will encounter a John Post photo. To own a John Post photo is to be part of the South Bay and a unique community.

John has also produced two 100 page full color photo books of the South Bay ‘Manhattan Beach Centennial 1912-2012’ and ‘Our South Bay Coastline’ and has a new book in the works to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Manhattan Beach Pier which he has now been photographing for 50 years.

To learn more visit his website and stop by the John Post Gallery in Manhattan Beach to see some of his newest work.



John Post Gallery, 808 Manhattan Avenue, MB, CA 90266

- Wed-Sun 12-6 (310) 376-6982 – email: john@johnpost.com


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