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2021 Surf Art Calendar - Derrick Ontiveros

2021 Surf Art Calendar


“Peach Pipe”

By: Derrick Ontiveros


Peach Pipe was painted by Derrick Ontiveros, but is hanging on the wall of his good friend Joelle Cox. Here’s her version of how she came to own the painting: “I love Derrick’s friendship and we’ve been friends for so many years! I think he was selling it and I may have heard about it on Facebook? He’s been such a great guy and I was so happy to buy something from him to remind me of him. Especially after he was nice enough to invite me to visit Oahu and showed me around years ago. One highlight was surfing on a flat day near his home! It’s a great little painting from a friend!”


Derrick is a silky-smooth regular footed surfer, artist, and lunatic when it comes to surfing big waves. He is a few years older than me, but we grew up in the same town in San Diego where we would surf together at Luscomb’s Point in Sunset Cliffs. On the biggest days he had a specific spot where he would sit outside and south of the main pack of surfers. I would watch him hold this line up forever, patiently waiting for a wave, wondering what he was doing out there as guys would paddle inside of him to catch waves. Then all of a sudden, the biggest set of the day would come in, all of us were caught inside and Derrick easily paddles into the wave of the day. I saw this again when I went to the North Shore during college to visit my friend Corey Keeling, who was going to school there and had connected with Derrick who moved there from San Diego. We paddled out together on a big day at Sunset Beach, where using his same strategy and an 8’ board I had borrowed from Jake Sandage, he showed me the way into one of the biggest waves of the trip. I am excited to share his Hawaiian inspired artwork with you where he focuses on inspirational landscapes, architecture or iconic waves with a perspective of a true local.


Derrick lives on the North Shore of Oahu where he surfs, paints and works. Check out his Instagram to see some of his recent paintings. IG:derrileekmyballs