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2021 Surf Art Calendar - Marine Jaud

2021 Surf Art Calendar



By: Marine Jaud


I asked a friend to go surfing at sunset and I just started shooting photos of her as she was surfing, not minding me. This one was my favorite photo because of the softness that comes out of it. The pastel color pallet, the curves of the subject matching the curves of the waves. No one else was around, it was a very dreamlike, peaceful moment. The kind we all look for at the end of the day.


Three things to know about Marine:

Marine is a beautiful French woman, who’s married to a dashing young Englishman Ru (short for Rupert), that I met on my trip to Tavarua where they were celebrating a delayed honeymoon. She is an experienced surfer, but when the waves got big at Cloudbreak, she grabbed the camera and swam out into the lineup to get some shots of the crew. She had a quiet confidence about her, yet respect for the size and power of the waves as they would march towards the reef.

Marine and Ru are principles in an all-inclusive surf coaching resort in Costa Rica, called Surf Simply, where surfers of all levels can go to improve their skills. The resort is first class and they have a team of experts on hand who will video each of your sessions, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, then offer tips for improvements. The resort is LEED Platinum certified and offers luxury accommodations in the heart of a nature preserve just 500 feet from water’s edge.

I am impressed by her ability to use the existing light to evoke subtle emotions out of her images, often not shooting the subject straight on and utilizing different exposures to capture the moment. Her art has a smooth feeling to it, where the silhouette of the female surfer draws you in, yet allows you to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. I am very honored that Marine has shared her image with us and please visit her website or Instagram to see more of her work. www.marinejaud.com


I'm a French photographer who has been living in the town of Nosara in Costa Rica, since 2007. I specialize in in-water photography, particularly surfing, portraits, and lifestyle. I work full time as a water photographer for Surf Simply, an all-inclusive surf coaching resort where I capture the guest's experience in the water. I do however spend a lot of my free time practicing and developing a more personal side of my creativity.

There is also an article about my work on the Surf Simply Magazine here where you can get more info: